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LBI Event Recap: Michigan May Madness Day III (Dearborn, MI)

By LBI Staff, 05/20/19, 8:15AM EDT


Dearborn, MI: The 2019 Michigan May Madness came to a close on Sunday. With some top quality games on display in one of the premier spring events, many players finished off the spring very well which will carry them into a pivotal month of July.
2023 Lilliana Montalvo 5’3” PG Mac Irving Fire (Thompson)
This mighty little player packs a big punch. Lilliana showed tremendous composure when operating at the point position. She got her girls where they needed to be and controlled the tempo from the start. Montalvo knocked down multiple threes and tossed in several buttery floaters as well.
2023 Dacia Lewandowski 5’10” PG Team Cure 8th
I’ll be honest; I am a baked potato kind of girl-not fries. Everyone has a preference, right? I love to see a tall long point guard get busy! Dacia Lewandowski is a smooth floor leader that takes control early and sets the tone throughout. This southpaw was able to keep her opponents off balance because of the way she mixed up her attack. She managed to sink long bombs and then hit her between the legs hard before attacking the rim. This confident kid recognized the moment in front of her and took the bull by the horns with zero hesitation.
2021 Mickayla Perdue 5’9” PG WV Thunder
There’s something confident yet mysterious about a player who wears the number 0, and Mickayla Perdue is oozing with that confidence. With each made three, Perdue let her defender know they closed out too late with a little extra look and a sly grin. Her high-level ball handling allowed her the opportunity for several drives that had nice flair to the finish. This
fiesty combo guard also gave a ton of energy and effort whether diving after loose balls or snatching a teammate off the floor after a foul. Perdue is pure entertainment.
2021 Grace Hutson 5’10” PG WV Thunder
Grace was so smooth and easy to watch this weekend. She showed the ability to finish from all three levels with multiple threes, mid-range jumpers and even layups from the opposite side of the rim with help defenders lurking and attempting to block her shot. Hutson was very calm and relaxed in the open court as well, finding streaking bigs or hitting the spot up shooters-but inevitably she always seemed to make the right play.
2022 Taniah Jackson 5’9” SG 1Nation 15U McKinney
When you mix athleticism with tenacity and youth-you have yourself a very good prospect. Taniah has some fantastic potential! This young guard was able to create space for herself and get her three off with ease. She used her quick first step to get to the
paint where she consistently finished the tough play with finger rolls and reverse layups! Jackson is just scratching the surface of her potential.
2023 Armoni Strozier  PF  6’1”  MI Storm 2023 Red
Armoni is genuinely a jaw-dropping talent. She has a solid build with the strength to match. Her footwork is very impressive for such a young player. She finishes strong at the rim, even when someone has her arm, and another has a handful of her jersey. (This happened in a game!) Defensively, she knows how to stand wide and be a strong presence. She’s a monster on the boards!
2022 Angelina Smith  PG  5’6”  Angels Basketball Club - Orange
A smart point guard that can lead her team in more ways than one, Angelina was patient and smart when running her team’s offense. She did a great job of getting everyone involved and taking shots herself when needed. She never showed frustration or emotion, even in very close games against some fierce competition.
2020 Kaylee Bakker  PF  6’2”  West MI Drive (BSTTL)
Crashing the boards, fighting for rebounds and maximizing second-chance opportunities were just a few things that Kaylee did consistently. She has great court awareness and knew where to go to position herself for shots under the rim and fill the lanes on defense. She uses her long wingspan to alter and block shots.
2020 Kierra Jennings  SG  5’7”  1 Nation Elite UAA
Kierra was the quiet hurricane that no one saw coming. Her presence on the court always made a difference. She’s vocal, has a good game IQ, and sees the court. However, once she found her rhythm from three-point land, it was over. She sank a total of 6 long distance shots in one game, and did it in a way where her opponents pretty much forgot that she was the shooter!
2022 Olivia West  SF   5’10”  SLAAM 2022 Reighard
Playing like she was built Ford tough, Olivia was everything but weak on the court. She can score in traffic, with a few bumps and bangs, and did not hesitate to attack her defender one on one, bullying her way to the basket. She was impressive in transition, filling the lanes and making herself available.
2020 Jayla Turchin  SG/SF  5’10”  Mac Irvin Lady Fire (Godfather)
Jayla has great ball handles and a quick first step, which made her very difficult to defend. She was effective at the two and three
spot on both ends, including getting in the paint for a nice pull-up jumper, or to the rim to finish with contact. She’s strong but light on her feet, a combination that is fun to watch.
2022 My’onna Hoper  PG  5’6”  Hype Lady Hoopers 15U (Coltrane)
If there was a big-time play on the court for the Lady Hoopers, 8 out of 10, My’onna had something to do with it. Her motor is incredibly high, and she plays with so much energy. She is fast and fearless; not afraid to get in the lane and get banged up while doing a reverse layup, and not afraid to let it go from behind the arc.
2022  Kaley Douglass  SG  5’7”  MI Mystics Black 2022
Once Kaylee got the hot hand, there was no cooling her off. Sinking a total of 5 threes in one game, Kaylee showed that she could make it rain from anywhere on the court. Whether it was taking advantage of a pick or shooting off the bounce, Kaylee’s accuracy stayed the same. She is also very active and feisty on the defensive in.
2023  Zarria Mitchell  PG  5’6”  MI Storm 2023 Red
Watching Zarria play, one may conclude that someone in her basketball village told her that defense creates offense, and she believed them! In one game, Zarria got four steals, two layups and an assist within the first minute and fifteen seconds of the game. Her endurance is high. She plays hard each possession and never showed any signs of being tired. 
2020 Isabella Gaudet  CG  5’10”  Kia Nurse Elite
Tough and scrappy, Isabella never turned away from a defensive challenge. She had no problem face guarding her opponents and making every possession difficult. She got in the paint often, but also did not hesitate to let it fly from three-point land if space and opportunity presented itself. She is a true leader on the court.
2020 Deshonna Day  SG   5’10”  West MI Drive (BSTTL)
Deshonna is a high energy player that has a quick first step and quick hands. She is a workhorse, willing to do the dirty jobs that are a part of playing basketball. She is dangerous in the open court and does a good job working on getting free to score.