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LBI Event Recap: Lady Gym Rats Invitational Part II (Fort Wayne, IN)

By Marcy Reynolds @LBIMarcy, 05/14/19, 7:30AM EDT


2023 Ashlynn Brooke 5’7” CG Indiana’s Best (Red) Will Be A Top Prospect From The Hoosier State

Fort Wayne, IN: I spent my Mother’s Day in the gym, and there was no other place I’d rather be than with all the other mothers who made the same sacrifice I did. It’s basketball in Indiana and talent, and Hoosier pride was in full bloom at the Lady Gym Rats Invitational. Here are a few players that caught my eye and I’m sure they made their moms proud!

Lady Gym Rats Invitational Guard Standouts

2022 Macie Taylor 5’6” PG Dayton Lady Hoopstars
It didn’t take long to see that Macie had game and some swag to go with it. She used multiple ball fakes to get the defense off balance, creating easy shots for her team. This point guard was deadly when she got into the lane; her interior passing was on point. Although Taylor has great court vision to find teams mates, she’s a threat to score as well; sneaking little bunnies over the rim and knocking down a few jumpers to go along with it.

2023 Allison Stephens 5’7” CG Always 100
Allison is a very good all-around player. She handles the ball for her squad, traps, and pressures the ball hard, plus she is a great scoring option with a picture perfect looking shot from deep. She has great conditioning that allowed her to play extremely hard on both ends with a dribble drive style of offense and full-court pressure defense the entire game!

2022 Helene Cowan 5’7” CG WPA Bruins
Cowan as a standout for her group this weekend with her play on both ends of the floor. She handles the ball with confidence under pressure, scores very nicely in transition and guards the opposing perimeter players tough.

2023 Amiyah Reynolds 6’1” PG Michigan Crossover 9th
Everyone that has watched the travel ball game evolve knows that full-court pressure is a staple. Amiyah saw multiple looks all weekend, and with every new problem came a new solution for her. Her 6’ frame and crazy good court vision allowed her to pick apart full-court pressure with ease. Because of her size, rebounding is a given, and when this guard gets the ball in transition, the sky’s the limit. Her ability to see plays develop early or take the ball all the way to rack is at times unstoppable.

2021 Grace Sullivan 5’4” PG Always 100 Wright
Grace is the little engine that could! This kid has so much fight and tenacity; it’s contagious. Grace gave fits to the other team’s best perimeter player game after game. She consistently locked up and caused havoc on the defensive end. Grace has natural leadership qualities that permeate throughout her team. She was able to find the hot hand or feed her big when they needed a big bucket.

2022 Ruby Whitehorn 5’11” CG Michigan Crossover
Ruby was in fine form this Mother’s Day weekend for her talented 16U Crossover team. How unfair is it to the competition when Whitehorn decides she’s going to hit her long ball, knock down free throws at a high rate, dominate on the glass AND slash from anywhere on the court? Ruby is so skilled on the perimeter that getting to the lane was like watching a re-run. Her athleticism is unmatched most times, and it allowed her to finish over the top of smaller guards or even around the bigs that nervously waited for her arrival!

2022 Olivia Smith 5’4” Always 100 Elite
Smith has a deadly combination of speed, quickness, strength, and DOG! Forget about trying to stay in front of her; it’s nearly impossible. Her ability to break down her man and collapse the defense is all but inevitable; making for a scramble situation time and time again. Couple that with her ability to find her sharpshooters and waiting for bigs when the help does come, and you got the point guard that gives you a chance to win every night.

2023 Ashlynn Brooke 5’7” CG Indiana’s Best (Red)
Ashlynn was a pleasure to watch this Mother’s Day weekend. She has so many layers to her game. Her ability to create her own shot stood out the most. However, Ashlynn was very problematic in their high pick and roll and well as her teams double high screen action. She showed the ability to hit the roller when doubles did come, but her go-to option is hitting the three behind defenders that fell asleep. Ashlynn also showed off her mid-range game with step backs and was able to kiss shots off the glass with ease.

2023 Rushunda Jones 5’6” CG Indy Gym Rats
Jones is one of those players that catch you a little off guard. Her size may have you thinking one thing, but watch her long enough, and you quickly realized her athleticism closes a lot of gaps! She has an unbelievable quick first step that allowed her almost always to beat her man off the bounce. Her crafty, almost sneaky demeanor, allowed her to finish shots in traffic with relative ease. Jones jumping ability had her rebounding like a big, and then once she's got in the open court, it’s a nightmare to try and stop her. Rushunda stroked the long shot consistently throughout the weekend for her young team as well.

2022 Soraya Timms 5’6” CG Michigan’s Finest (Decook)
Soraya Timms is one of those players that make the game look easy. You walk away saying, “I can do that!”; but in reality, you know darn good and well you can’t! Timms release is so effortless and smooth. Her shot looked good every time it left her hand this weekend. She made the right play and found the cutters often, but when Soraya is shooting the ball at a high level like she did this weekend, her team is tough to deal with.

2023 Maddison Green 5’5” PG All Ohio (Jaybee)
Madison was electric to watch. Her game is fast and hard. Green is the kind of guard that has crazy good handles. She was able to use her elite ball handling to blow past defenders in the half court and either hit the open jumper or get off her floater that was deadly. Her strength and quickness bothered opposing guards that tried to muscle their way past her. Greene has the tools and desire to play at a high level on both ends of the court.

2023 Cadence Dykstra 5’8” PG Grand Rapids Storm
Having a girl who can put a team on her back is priceless. Cadence Dykstra’s is that girl. Her play was pivotal to her teams 2 point win over Mac Irvin Fire-Thompson to advance to the 8th Grade Gym Rats Invitational Final. She scored at all three levels and made clutch free throws down the stretch. Her motor and relentless play put a demand on the Mac Irvin Fire defense, and they could not respond as she scored 27 points and throw in a few assists for good measure.

2021 Ella Stemmer 5'9" SG Michigan Premier Blue
Every tournament there is a different player that stands out for the Premier squad, well this past weekend Ella Stemmer was that player. The versatile Stemmer torched the nets for a game-high 24 points in a victory over Lady Gym Rats EYBL (IN). She made some huge shots, got vital rebounds and assists every time Gym Rats would make a run. Stemmer currently holds a scholarship offer from Hillsdale College, and if her play was any indication on what she will continue to do over the next two months, she will be picking up a few more offers real soon.

 Lady Gym Rats Invitational Sharp Shooters

2021 Moira McGinley 5’8” SG Always 100 Elite
Very good at the catch and shoot three point shot. Gets feet set quickly and knows how to find open windows to get her shot off in time.

2023 Karina Scott 5’4” SG Indy Gym Rats
Scott can get off her shot in a hurry. She has great consistent form on her three ball and is unafraid to take and make the big shot.

2023 Asia Yokley 5’5” SG Michigan Crossover
Yokley is best in transition. If you lose her, she will make you pay with a long shot. When Asia gets hot from behind the arc, she’s capable of running off four straight if you let her!

2021 McKenzie Hudgen Always 100 Elite
McKenzie knows how to find the right spot to get her shot off. She moves well without the ball, and when it leaves her hand, more often than not it’s a make.

Lady Gym Rats Invitational Front Court Standouts

2022 Ella Miller 6’1” PF Michigan’s Finest
Ella had great interior footwork this weekend. She managed to catch on the move and finish in traffic. Her nice athleticism and good conditioning allowed her to stay on the floor for long periods and remain a dominant presence in the paint.

2021 Arianna Smith 6’2” PF All Ohio 16U  EYBL
Smith was very difficult for like size players to guard because of her desire and ability to get to the basket off the dribble. She managed to gobble up rebound after rebound as well.

2021 Courtney Lee 6’1” PF Always 100 Elite
Lee came in this weekend ready to work. She is powerful and was able to muscle her way into several big buckets. Lee has great hands and was able to catch and finish in the paint with ease.

2023 Sydney Hendrix 6’0” PF Michigan Crossover
Sydney’s energy level is rarely matched. She is a nightmare on the offensive glass at times. Hendrix was able to not only clean up the offensive boards and finish, but she has an explosive first step from the high post area that gave her team several needed buckets throughout the tournament.

2021 Brynn Shoup-Hill 6’3” SF Always 100 Wright
Loved watching the no-nonsense, very businesslike approach Brynn takes to the court. She gets out there and just flat out goes to work. Her size makes her difficult to deal with on the block, but Shoup-Hill continued to step out, either in transition or in the half court, and knock down the three without hesitation. Brynn was able to protect the basket with timely blocks because she has such good timing as well.