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LBI Event Recap: Boo Williams Invitational EYBL16U (Hampton, VA)

By Steve Reynolds @LBI_Steve, 04/29/19, 6:00AM EDT


Hampton, VA:  The Boo Williams Invitational was phenomenal and featured several talented high school standouts. There were many players from all levels in attendance competing underneath one roof in front of several Division I, Division II, Division III & NAIA coaches. Many players brought their “ A Game” as coaches sat back and relaxed ate some popcorn and enjoyed the show. A few notable players were.
2019 Boo Williams 16U LBI Standouts
2022 Kaylee Byon 5’6” PG Cal Swish 16U EYBL
Professional. Business-like.  Seasoned. These are the words I would use to describe Kaylee Byon’s point guard play.  Byon is a very skilled ball-handler, but she doesn’t overdo it.  She can create for herself but is even better creating for others.  She seemed to be 2 - 3 sequences ahead of everyone on the court which allowed her to put her team in position to be active and efficient on the offensive end.  Byon is the kind of point guard you can trust, and those don’t come along very often.
2022 Amiya Joyner 6’2” PF Carolina Flames 16U EYBL
Dominating a game is difficult.  There are so many factors that could prohibit domination from happening.  I mean, there are nine other players on the floor working on getting the same results you are.  Whatever the obstacle, you have to have something special to make an indelible mark on the story of a game.  Power forward, Amiyah Joyner, was a one-woman wrecking crew in the Carolina Flames 70-51 win over Cal Sparks.  Joyner was impressive on the defensive end as she was the main reason the Cal Sparks were limited to one shot on most possessions.  Her paint presence was daunting as she altered and blocked dozens of shots.  She runs the floor exceptionally well, so she was able to beat her counterparts down the floor to get easy baskets in transition.  Whether it was being effective in the pick and roll game or doing the dirty work (i.e., diving for loose balls), Joyner was up to the task and proved she’s one of the top power forwards in the country in her class.
2021 Logan Lewis 5’8” SG Michigan Crossover 16U EYBL
Some players just quietly go about their business on the court but are very useful.  They don’t get the plays run for them to score.  People may say they don’t do this or they don’t to that, but Logan Lewis was vital to the Michigan Crossovers success.  She was extremely efficient from 3-point range, only taking and making shots that came in the flow of the game.  Most impressive was her ability to be a “fire extinguisher.”  She was able to identify shooters that were heating up, or the opposing player that was most difficult to deal with and shut…them…DOWN!  She’s the kind of kid college coaches are going to have to sit and watch for an entire game to grasp the depth of what she offers and it will be worth your time.
2022 Beatrice Culliton 6’3” C Missouri Phenom 16U EYBL
In the ever-changing landscape of women’s basketball, it’s not often celebrated to be a traditional back to the basket big, but some lucky DI university is going to celebrate when they land 6’3” Beatrice Culliton.  One could argue the Culliton was the most well-rounded center in Virginia this past weekend.  She defends her position very well. Culliton is outstanding on the offensive end as well.  Setting great screens in pick and roll action which allows her to roll and show off her ability to catch and finish in traffic.  Missouri Phenom has a unique weapon at the 16U level in Beatrice Culliton that will keep them competitive day-in and day-out.
2021 Krislin Arjukese 6’0” SG Team Takeover 16U EYBL
You know when the ball starts on the baseline, and that player pops a pass to the player at the 45.  Then that player throws a bullet to her teammate at the top of the key.  The defense is two steps behind and closing out late.  The opposing coach is about 10 feet out of the coaches box panicking, yelling, pointing, and swinging his arms like he’s trying to get a runner to round 3rd base and head home for the winning run. He knows his team is late on their rotations.  The player with the ball drives right with two dribbles to draw another defender and just as she is about to kick the ball to the corner, the bench and about six parents yell “SHOOTERRRRRRRRRRR!” However, everyone knows its too late.  So, as the ball is approaching the shooter's hand and a few of the shooter’s teammates on the bench are beginning to stand with the OK signs raised and others pulling imaginary arrows out of their imaginary arrow sack on their back, then…SPLASH!  That shooter is Krislin Arjukese!  Her quick trigger and feathery soft shooting touch were vital to Team Takeovers 1-point win over an outstanding Michigan Crossover team.
2019 Boo Williams LBI Top Performers 16U Division
2022 Laila McLeod 5’10” SG Lady Drive Nation 16U EYBL
You haven’t seen “smooth with the ball” until you’ve seen Laila McLeod.
2022 Ruby Whitehorn 6’1” SG Michigan Crossover 16U EYBL
Ruby is a gem. Must watch, high motor scoring guard that's nearly impossible to stop because she keeps coming.
2022 Kiersten Johnson 6’3” PF Lady Drive Nation 16U EYBL
Johnson has the potential to be very good on the defensive end because of her athleticism and ability to guard multiple positions.
2022 Jordan Jackson 6’1” SF Missouri Phenom 16U EYBL
She’s the lightning of the Thunder and Lightning combo (along with aforementioned, Beatrice Culliton) for Missouri Phenom and has the elevation on her pull-up jump shot to die for.
2022 Tanyuel Welch 5’9” PG Nike Lady Gymrats 16U EYBL
Getting better every time out.  Scores on all three levels.
2022 Kaleigh Addie 5’7” PG Team Elite Hubbard-Hudgins
Addie has elite agility. She does things in the open court that makes your jaw drop.
2023 Jada Williams 5’7” PG Missouri Phenom 16U EYBL
Super skilled and passionate about basketball and her teammate's success.  Is there anything else you need to know?
2021 Molly Moffit 6’1” SF Tree of Hope 16U EYBL
Really good size at her position and tough as nails.  Well rounded game on both ends of the court.
LBI Quick Hitter - A few observations from Day 1 & 2 at Boo Williams
Teams You Must Keep An Eye On
Kia Nurse Elite 16U
Very deep roster with unbelievable size and talent.
Alabama Southern Stars 2023 Looney
Skill, length and athleticism. Madison Booker is FOR REAL.
Top Shooters
2021 Charlee Arthur 5’10” SG Tree of Hope 16U EYBL
Deadly shooter in draw and kick game with quick release.
2021 Samantha Johnston 6’1” SG Colorado Premier 16U EYBL
Please do not leave her open. The fact that you have to respect her ability to go off the dribble makes her an even better shooting threat.
2021 Krislin Arjukese 6’0” SG Team Takeover 16U EYBL
Made five 1st half triples that didn’t even touch the rim.
2021 Logan Lewis 5’8” SG Michigan Crossover 16U EYBL
Very efficient.  Doesn’t need many field goal attempts to score.
2021 Kendall McGruder 5’9” SG Pro Skills 16U EYBL
She’s a microwave. Saw her hit three triples in 5 possessions.
Almost the entire All-Iowa Attack 16U EYBL…seriously!
Top Defensive Performance
2022 Mila Reynolds 6’2” PF Michigan Crossover 16U
Guarded on perimeter and post, double-digit boards, blocked several shots and drew a pivotal charge all with a pulled groin vs. Team Takeover.  Gritty performance.
2022 Brooke Daniels 5’8” PG Michigan Crossover 15U
I saw Daniels be given the task of locking up one of the top 2022 guards in the country and she did.  Also, she is an extraordinary rebounder for her size.  I have not seen a better defender anywhere in the country. 
Must Watch
2022 Amaya Battle 5’10”  SG North Tartan 15U
Has all the tools on offense...all of them!
2021 Allie McCarthy 5’11” SG Kia Nurse Elite 16U
Big, athletic guard that can score and defend.
2021 Izabella Zingaro 6’4” Post Kia Nurse Elite 16U
Runs floor, gets rebounds and works high/low well.
Stock Risers
2022 Kaleigh Addie 5’7” PG Team Elite Hubbard
One of the most impactful halves of basketball I’ve seen all year in win vs. Cal Swish Saturday morning.
2023 Margaret Menelson 6’4” Post Utah Premier
Developing big has good athleticism and has only been playing basketball for 2 years.
2023 Taylor Woodson 6’0” SG North Tartan 9th Elite
Size, speed, and athleticism combo
serves her well on both ends of the floor.  She’s a handful on the boards too.